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which is a variable gain device (vga). Are you saying that if I have this set up and the gain is too low then no video is produced because the camera is too dark or is it because the camera is too bright and what is the variable gain device in this setup? In which case what do I need to do to get it to produce video? I have it set to 2. thanks Julian All your questions are answered in the first page of the Manual under "FUNCTIONS" SOLUTION: In the FAST/LOW Gain section, make sure the "LOW Gain" is ON. In the SENSOR Gain section, make sure the "SENSOR Gain" is ON. Next, make sure that the gain section of your computer is on and the software is set to ON. If this doesn't help your problem, then I recommend going back to the technical support section of the website and posting a technical question. please check the settings for the camera in the modes screen.You may have to enable the use of the zoom lens.On the menu settings under the Mode Settings,you can select the settings under the page:Digital Zoom,Digital Zoom with Portrait and a few more. Now, zoom in the lens until it is in the middle of the lens,then turn off the automatic focus.Your zoom will now work like a real zoom lens. On the front of the camera will be a small window on the top left corner of the screen with the focus settings and a small rectangle on the bottom of the screen for the exposure level. If the exposure level is at the red area,it is probably not exposed enough and needs to be raised. On the back of the camera is the viewfinder and a switch for the focus. Turn the camera on and use the zoom.If the camera does not zoom in and out normally,turn off the zoom and turn on the auto focus.




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X Tech Camera Driver

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